Monthly Archive: November 2008


When in Lancaster County….

Go HERE(above) for an authentic shopping experience. Not HERE (right). For more, see this story in today’s York Daily Record/Sunday News. Or type “Lancaster” and “Gettysburg” in the search bar of this blog to...

One big party 1

One big party

While I was waiting in line — or maybe while we were stuck in traffic — it occurred to me that Black Friday is kind of like one big party. Instead of primping, we...

Grayish Black Friday 1

Grayish Black Friday

Maybe it was the food coma yesterday, but this year’s Black Friday ads didn’t seem like much of anything special. The regular old stuff at the regular old prices, just jazzed up marketing to...

Tomorrow’s big adventure 0

Tomorrow’s big adventure

Today, I eat turkey. Tomorrow, I shop. Once the last bit of cranberry sauce has slid down my throat and I’ve had my fill of family, I’ll dig into the Thanksgiving Day newspaper sales...

One for the holidays 0

One for the holidays

Mad Elf beer from Harrisburg’s Troeg’s Brewery was recently ranked among the 50 Best Christmas Beers in the book “Christmas Beers: The Cheeriest, Tastiest and Most Unusual Holiday Brews” by Don Russell, beer columnist...

Green eggs and ham 0

Green eggs and ham

Last night, Sam and I read “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. We’ve read it a lot since she was a tot. But the message, I think, is lost in a blink.