New Pixar flick features Venezuela

I didn’t realize that the Venezuelan rainforest — and Angel Falls in particular — are the inspiration behind Pixar’s latest animated hit, “Up.”
I haven’t seen it yet, but now I definitely want to.
Look at these two pictures at right — one from the film, the other of the real Angel Falls. Pretty good, eh?
Angel Falls is another one of those places I’ve been so close to, but never got to visit. (I lived and studied in Venezuela during college — pre-Chavez — but never got to the rainforest part of the country.)
Check out this story.
Anyone seen the film? What do you think?

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  1. kathy says:

    Jen, I also went lived in Vzla, pre-chavez. I lived in small town of Anaco & large city of Maracaibo, but the Anaco school actually had a planned 8th grade graduation field trip to Angel Falls. I went to Anaco in 7th, USA in 8th, & Maracaibo in 9th. Never made that trip to Angel Falls. There is a great book written by W.H. Hudson, The Green Mansions, which is reminiscent of many things amazonian, if you at least got to explore some things. & yes, the movie Up, I have it; & my family did not understand why I liked it so much (& got so emotional) when we watched it the first time. I knew the pictures. As much as I am an american (north american: united states); there are so many of us who feel attached simply because we lived in that beautiful country for a few years.
    I really wish I could have made that trip to Canaima.

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