He’s definitely a lover

Babies and toddlers get up overnight for lots of reasons: to eat or drink (depending on the age), because of a dirty diaper that needs to be changed, because they’re afraid of the dark or had a bad dream.
Why does my Noah get up three or four times a night right now? For love.
When he cries, all he needs is for me to go in, pick him up out of his crib and give him a hug for a minute or so. Then he pulls his head back and — while he’s all warm and snuggly and his eyes are puffy from sleeping — he plants a kiss on my lips.
Then he points into his crib, and I lay him down, cover him up and go back to bed.
It’s very sweet. It’s also very disruptive to my already-screwed-up sleep patterns, but I’m pretty sure I’ll live.

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  1. Heidi says:

    They may be the cutest thing I have ever heard =)

  2. Liz Leiter Gliot says:

    That’s really sweet Amy

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