Mr. Fashionable

My Mr. Noah walked out of the house this morning wearing his dark-blue, fuzzy winter coat that makes him look like a pimp — please forgive me for using that word, but it’s totally what he looks like — and carrying a furry purple purse.
“Bag!” he kept saying, waving it around like a little diva. “Bag!”
In the car, he put one of my necklaces into and out of the “bag” over and over again, then slung the chunky brown strand of fake gems over his head and posed for me.
He even carried the furry purple purse into the sitter’s house and showed it off to her.
And then he chucked it on the floor and scooped up a toy car.
Good to know he’s still a boy, too. *smile*

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  1. Kate says:

    So where’s the pic? I want to see if my son is wearing a pimp coat, too.

  2. Amy Gulli says:

    I’ll get you one, Kate! It’s really funny.

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