Time to go

Noah is light-years ahead of Sam in the potty-training department.
In Sam’s case, by 26 months, she was still perfectly content with her diapers. No talk of pee or poop, no desire to sit on the potty, no complaints if her diaper was wet or dirty.

Noah, on the other hand, has been telling us for a few months “I poop” after he poops (although occasionally it’s a false alarm, but I can’t really blame him for not being 100 percent accurate). He also heads straight for the stairs and goes to his room for a diaper change after he’s announced the poop’s presence.

And he wants to sit on the potty. He points to it and says, “Look, Mom, potty. I go potty.” He sometimes hugs it. He wants to use the toilet brush to clean it — which I, being the mean mommy, simply can’t allow because the thought of the germs on there … *shudder*.

He lifts up the lid. He puts the lid down. He tries to pull his pants and his diaper down to go. He flushes it when I’m not looking.

So yesterday, he went to the sitter’s wearing official Big Boy Pull-Up Pants. He uses her potty once or twice a day already, and although he didn’t actually put any, um, bodily excretions into the toilet, I’m hoping it was easier to try.

So we’ll see. I’m fully expecting to still be putting up posts in the “Potty-training” category of this blog 18 months from now.

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  1. Andy says:

    I thouhgt girls were supposed to be easier to train than boys? My daughter loves to pretend to go potty, but I think she just like to play in the bathroom and have us read her stories while she sits there…

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