Natural gas prices drop, might stay low because of shale drilling

Natural gas prices hit a record low for this year, and might stay lower as the year goes on because of the vast deposits of shale American drilling companies are tapping into, one analyst is saying.
The shale he is referring to is the deep underground rock formations like the Marcellus Shale under Pennsylvania that have only recently begun being tapped for their fossil fuel riches. Until recently, the technology didn’t exist to get the gas out of the rock, and by most estimates, there is a whole lot now to be had.
Of course, there are also the environmental concerns, but it looks like at least one of the potential upsides of this industry in Pennsylvania is materializing: Gas gets cheaper.

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  1. David says:

    not a good thing at all, the price needs to go up so that demand goes down and the drilling stops, they are destroying and wanting to destroy every possible acre they can, also the companies have the power to tell all regulators to leave their sites if they don’t want to be scrutinized, that coming from a dcnr employee

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