Glutino gluten-free breadcrumbs good for frying

IMG_1142.JPGThe Giant in Delco Plaza has stocked a bunch of new allergen-friendly items. The one that really caught my eye was the Glutino Gluten-Free breadcrumbs.
I have been using rice breadcrumbs from a different company up until this point, but only for filling-type things, like meatloaf. They didn’t work well for breading and frying.
But the Glutino brand is made from corn and cooked up on my porkchops nicely. I was rather impressed with myself — see results in photo — until I put them in the oven to keep cooking. The chops became not-so-crispy at that point. Good, but not crispy.

Lyzz Jones

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  1. Pam says:

    Hi! I just saw this post and wanted to share that I’ve been saving the crusts (ah, kids lol) and ends of my son’s gluten-free bread loaves to later turn into bread crumbs.
    I process them until they’re at the consistency I want, add a little salt and a tablespoon of olive oil for every cup of crumbs, put them on a baking sheet and put in the oven at 350 and stir every few minutes until they’re the color and crispiness I want.
    It doesn’t take that much effort, and it’s a great way to avoid wasting that precious gluten-free food!! We use the Udi’s brand breads.
    I’ve also done this with an entire loaf of Ener-G brand rice bread and the breadcrumbs turned out great.

  2. Lyzz says:

    Pam – that’s a great suggestion. I’ve used the Ener-G bread to make croutons (little garlic salt, olive oil and oregano), and they turned out pretty good. I never thought about bread crumbs. Would definitely save some money (the tapioca loaf is much cheaper than the bag of breadcrumbs).

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