Tweak those Super Bowl party munchies

Sporting events are often linked to unhealthy food.
With NFL playoffs underway and the Super Bowl near, Hanover Hospital has released a healthier version of one’s typical gathering.
Although some people might consider such parties an occasional splurge, it’s inspiring to see the hospital tout some alternatives — because football lasts a season, not a day. Plus, ditching one’s dieting efforts for special occasions might become a habit that’s hard to break.
Hanover Hospital provided recipes for healthier spicy buffalo chicken, hearty turkey chili, layered Mexican bean dip, barbecue pulled pork and onion rings. The fan-favorite recipes have been tweaked, lowering fat and calorie content by substituting ingredients such as egg whites and low-fat cheeses, and baking instead of frying.
Kudos to Hanover Hospital’s twist on the cuisine of an American tradition. Your guests’ health will thank you.
The site also provides hundreds of other healthy recipes and cooking-demonstration videos. For details, visit and click on “Health eCooking Recipes.”

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  1. February 1, 2013

    […] Super Bowl is this weekend. Instead of watching all the action while snacking on the couch, make healthy munchies and get up and move during commercial breaks. […]

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