I just purchased my first BB cream. What’s BB cream?

I watch a lot of makeup/skin care videos on YouTube. I specifically watch a lot of asian makeup application, because I’m Korean. And there was a lot of videos talking about BB creams. So, I started to do some research, because growing up in the U.S. I have never heard of BB creams.
Here’s what I found out:
BB cream also called Blemish Balm Cream, where originally created for people after they had undergone laser surgery because it had soothing and healing benefits. BB creams are widely available without a prescription and there are a lot of them out there on the market. (And I mean a lot)
I first went to Sephora’s website and did a search for BB creams and did not find any. More research revealed BB creams are not readily available on the U.S. side of beauty/makeup markets, but I wouldn’t be suprised if this will soon change, considering many trends and innovations start abroad first and then move to the states.
I ended up purchasing my BB cream on Amazon.com
After watching a ton of Youtube video product reviews — I chose to I purchase MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream. I just purchased it yesterday, so I haven’t received it yet.
More about BB creams:
The creams are combination of foundation, moisturizer and SPF protection. Some even claim that they have healing properties, whitening effects and anti-wrinkle benefits.
Some of the testimonials on Youtube say that the BB cream will eliminate the need for a separate foundation, moisturizer and SPF protection. Other positive feedback include skin clarity improvement, no breakouts, oil control and a very natural look.
There were some negative reviews too. Some testers warned that most BB creams are for fair skinned people, some of the creams cast a grayish tint on the skin, and the coverup ability is only beneficial for people who already have pretty even skin.
Well I’m excited to receive my BB cream and will be sure to update you. So check back soon for a full review of MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream.
Other websites that sell BB creams
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