York’s Very Own Restaurant Week Has Arrived!

Did you know York City is currently in the middle of a spectacular Restaurant Week? It started Saturday, February 19th and lasts until Sunday, February 27th. Here’s how it works… At each of the participating restaurants, you will find meal specials galore. Some places are offering a three-course meal menu at a decent price, others are offering specials on specific items. Either way, it’s a win-win.

I am on a budget (who isn’t?) and when things like a Restaurant Week come around, well, it’s an opportunity to try a new restaurant that I wouldn’t visit otherwise based on my budget alone. It’s nine days of celebrating York City’s fine culinary establishments. It’s a good time to visit a place you wouldn’t normally visit.

Here are your participating restaurants:
-Bair’s Fried Chicken
-Under One Sun
-The Busy Bee
-Chilly Dilly’s
-Deliciously Nutritious Café
-Nuts About Granola
-Simply Soup
(All of the above are located in the Central Market House)
-Central Family Restaurant
-The Left Bank
-Sam & Tony’s Italian Restaurant
-White Rose Bar & Grill
-York Blue Moon Restaurant and Catering
-The Yorktowne Hotel’s Offcenter Grill and the Commonwealth Room

Dine out and dig in this week. Feel free to share any of your Restaurant Week experiences here at Eater’s Digest!

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