Finish your dishcloth (finally) and get the materials for a fluffy scarf!

Here is the final video for your dishcloth project: how to bind off.

Congrats! You’ve finished your first knitting project! Woohoo!
To recap, here’s the whole dishcloth project:
Cast on 4 stitches.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K2, YO, K to end of row. (5 stitches)
Repeat row 2, increasing one stitch in each row, until you have 42 stitches.
Row 3: K1, K2tog, YO, K2tog, knit to the end of the row. (41 stitches)
Repeat row 3, decreasing until you have 4 stitches on your needles.
Bind off. Weave in ends.
For our next project, we’ll be knitting a fuzzy scarf on big needles with fun yarn. Grab a pair of size 17 needles, a skein of a plain acrylic yarn and a skein or two of a novelty yarn (watch the video to see what I’m talking about.)
Here are the other knitting tutorials:
Part 1 — talking about yarn, needles and casting on for a simple dishcloth
Part 2 — discussing increasing by yarning over (YO).
Part 3 — discussing decreasing by knitting two together (k2tog)

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