We didn’t make the list

Parenting magazine recently put out a list of the top 100 cities for families.

I’ll ruin the surprise for you: Washington, D.C., came in first.

The commenters largely rip the list to shreds, saying that whatever “84 criteria” were used to rate these cities must have been created by drunken Smurfs.

I’ve not been to most of the cities on the list (I’ve been to D.C.), although I’d certainly be willing to go to Honolulu to verify whether it deserves its No. 7 ranking.

But New Orleans as No. 16? New York City as No. 24? Philadelphia in the top 50? Not so sure about those.

And how big must a city be for consideration on this list? Was Harrisburg, for example, too small to compete?

Your thoughts? Have you been to any of the cities in the top 10? What did you think of them?

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