Will the hives ever end?

I feel like every time I turn around, Ava has some sort of hive or irritation on her skinthat I can’t explain.

She bumped her chin on the edge of the kitchen table the other day, and a big white hive formed — see picture at left.

But it didn’t itch. It didn’t bother her. And it went away within 10 minutes.

Same thing happened on her knee. I noticed it when we got into the car. It was gone by the time we got to Giant.

So according to kidshealth.org, hives can happen for any reason, which is often unknown.

KidsHealth.org lists other reasons for hives:

  • Exposure to the cold (like diving into a cold pool)
  • Exercise
  • Sun exposure
  • Nervousness or stress
  • Infections caused by viruses

So the cold would explain why she’s been breaking out in the pool. It’s called cold uticaria. Here’s more on that from the Mayo Clinic.

I guess the bottom line is, as long as she’s not itchy and not having breathing issues or anything else severe, I should not worry.

Anyone else in this boat?

Lyzz Jones

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