Get cracking with OPI’s Shatter Nail polish line

I’ve been professionally getting my nails done for the past four months. I decided to try and save some money and do my own nails.
I have acyrlics so every three weeks they need be filled because of nail growth. Now it used to cost me $25 plus tip every time I went to the salon. Instead, I bought my own nail filler kit by Nailene, that only cost $9.
Here are the end results with two coats of yellow nail polish by Orly.

It took me about 2 hours to fill, sand and polish both hands. Normally at the salon it would have only taken an hour, but I saved a lot of money doing it myself. I still have enough of the acrylic filler to do at least five more fills, maybe even more.
The con is after I applied my polish I could see my nails weren’t buffed smooth. This is when I decided to try the Shatter/Crackle look that is popular right now.
I bought a bottlle of OPI Shatter nail polish in white.
The shatter look easily hid my ridges and bumps on my nails.

Another alternative is to use a clear polish with glitter in it. I find this will help hide nail imperfections too.
How shatter works: Apply one coat of Shatter over two coats of any brand of completely dry nail polish. Then let dry and apply a clear topcoat to protect the nail polish.
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