Thinking about submitting your crafts to the York Fair?

I went to the York Fair today for the first time in six or eight years. In past years, I’ve been more interested in the food and the rides. This year, I was pretty interested in the horticultural exhibits and, of course, the craft exhibits.

Fellow blogger, Joan Concilio, won a blue ribbon for her mosaic this year, and an honorable mention for a scrapbook she did. I’ve been wondering for a while if my knitting was good enough to submit to the York Fair for judging (and actually win.)

One of the ladies monitoring the exhibits today asked if I did any needlework. I told her I knitted, and she pointed out the York Fair’s Premium Book. She had a physical copy with her, but it’s available online.

Here’s the PDF link to this year’s premium book.

And here’s the link to the website that houses the premium book links, along with entry forms. Everything, down to what time you need to remove your exhibits, is in the premium book.

The premium book includes all of the categories that are judged. There are hundreds of things you can submit for ribbons. For every blue ribbon, you win $4. Red ribbons get $3 and white ribbons get $2. Grand prizes are $15. Also, you get bragging rights. And a really snazzy-looking ribbon.

The needlework exhibits, according to the premium book, are judged “with regard to beauty, degree of perfection, amount of work and suitability for the purpose for which it is intended.” Needlework has 172 categories for submissions, split among sewing, embroidery, knitting and crocheting. But it doesn’t include afghans or quilts. “Afghans and quilts” is its own separate division, with another 40 categories within that.

I’ll probably get cracking on a sweater or something else awesome to submit to the York Fair next year. Even my husband (who also knits) was inspired to try to compete at the York Fair. The submission process seems pretty easy. It’s just a matter of taking the many, many hours to make something fair-worthy.

I hope to see you submit something too!

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  1. ljr says:

    I’ll have to save this for next year. I was thinking about submitting this year but couldn’t find any information, at least not when I was looking for it. I would submit something in crochet, maybe one of my crochet teddy bears, and/or a mosaic.

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