Do you regret your kids’ names?

This is an interesting article on HuffPost Parents: It says 8 percent of parents regret the names they chose for their children.

Hmmmm, Apple. Think Gwyneth Paltrow's regretting that name choice for her daughter?

The most common reasons? The name was too trendy and is now outmoded, or the name is too popular.

We chose our kids’ names — Samantha and Noah — because we liked the sound of them. Then, I checked to see how popular they were. Both were among the top 25 in the years they were born, which I was comfortable with.

Surprisingly, Sam has been the only Samantha in all of her classes and activities (although her Girl Scout troop has two Chloes and her classroom has two Sophias). And we’ve encountered other Noahs out and about, but my little guy is the only one in his whole day care with that name.

Being an Amy born in the late 1970s, however, I’ve experienced the annoyances of an all-too-common name. Ever tried to play team sports with four Amys on one team? Yeah, it’s as confusing as it sounds.

What are your kids’ names? Do you regret choosing them? Anybody forced by a family member to choose a legacy name — like Delmar or Gaylord — and hate it?

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2 Responses

  1. Kara Eberle says:

    Sometimes I question Mara’s name because it gets mispronounced a lot. Charles, aka Charlie , seemed like a solid choice for our son until we realized, too late, that people are naming their girls Charlie, thanks to Disney’s “Good Luck, Charlie.” We’ll see how that plays out.

  2. Sarah Chain says:

    I never loved my name as a kid because I couldn’t make it into a nickname — and apparently, nicknames were very cool. Now I just struggle to get everyone to remember the “h.”

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