Place cards add a personal touch

So much time is spent on planning and preparing the food for Thanksgiving that little time is left over for the little details, such as place cards. But they are such a nice touch, and simple cards complete with flowers will definitely have your guests talking! If you’re wondering how you’d find the time to put these together, enlist little helpers. On Thanksgiving morning when the kids start to get restless, put them to work writing the names, filling the tubes with water and adding the flowers. Chances are, they’ll jump at the chance to be involved, and it will give you some peace and quiet to work on that picture-perfect turkey.

What you’ll need
•Small test tubes
(10 x 75 mm) These can be purchased online at, 12 for $3.60; or can also be found on eBay and medical distributor Web sites.

•Place card pattern
Download the patterns at the end of post and print on card stock.

If you have mums growing outside, you can cut some of them, or you can buy a bouquet of cut flowers from a florist or supermarket.

SMART TIP: You could also use the cards without the test tubes and fresh flowers. Simply use a hole-punch to make a small hole in the top to hold a silk flower.

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