Holiday countdown: Two weeks til Thanksgiving

I feel like somewhat of a holiday alarmist to announce the two-week mark so loudly, but I’m also not going to lie — I’m totally unprepared to host the meal for my family this year. I’m picking up a roasting pan this week and I’ve pre-ordered the turkey locally through Dietz Produce, but that’s about it.

I have a vague idea of the sides we’ll serve, because we serve them every year. But I keep toying with the idea of making my own stuffing, or serving local squash instead of our normal frozen peas. And I’m crossing my fingers the pumpkin I boiled, pureed and froze will work out OK in the pumpkin cake. Really, I’m crossing my fingers for all of it.

So when a friend linked me to the first installment of “The No-Tears, No-Panic Thanksgiving Countdown Guide” via, it was a blessing and a curse.

  • A blessing because as I read, I thought “Oh wow, that is a great idea. Planning for those other meals Thanksgiving weekend. Buying wine ahead of time.”
  • A curse because I also thought, “Who on EARTH is this prepared for things?! It’s three days into November!”

And then I succumbed into a panicky, nervous sweat that subsided only once I put Thanksgiving out of my mind entirely. Which, hey, is sometimes how I deal with overwhelming things. Nothing like a little conflict-avoidance to smooth things over.

But as I thought about this looming two-week mark, I decided to follow my own advice — you know, that advice I gave ya’ll two weeks ago and then knocked to the back of my mind:

Begin with a plan.

And so I did — I mapped out meals for the days before and after Thanksgiving, I menu-planned for the big meal itself, I marked my calendar so I wouldn’t forget to pick up my sister at the Harrisburg airport, etc. Yes, I still have to go down to Central Market and buy the meal ingredients, and yes I still have to wash the sheets and towels, and yes I still have to clean my apartment from top to bottom. But I feel a tiny bit better.

Is it just me who gets easily overwhelmed by holiday planning? Does anyone have any tried-and-true tips on how to host a calmer, stress-free holiday?

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