A crafty weekend, part two

All sorts of ugly going on here -- before I got crafty, of course.

It’s been another crafty weekend in York city for me. Two things have been bothering me as I cleaned up my apartment in preparation for Thanksgiving and family visits.

The first is a wire shelf I use as a pantry, next to my fridge. In my old apartment, it was nestled between the fridge and a wall. In my apartment now, it’s half in the kitchen, half in the eating area / living room. It looks weird and obtrusive and I have desperately wanted to cover it up.

The second is a rolling organizer between my dresser and bookshelf that has clear drawers. It holds jewelry, hair accessories and assorted knickknacks. And you can see all the disheveled mess straight through those clear drawers.

So this weekend, I crafted.

Total time: An hour. Maybe 90 minutes.

Total cost? $9.37

I headed down South Queen Street today to Joann’s in York Township (I also inadvertently discovered a Starbucks, for the win) to buy a few yards of fabric for the wire shelf. I’d been thinking for some time about burlap, for its neutral color but interesting texture. Surprise, it was also $3.99 a yard! Compared to the $10.99 a yard of another fabric I was considering, burlap clearly won. Two yards of that went into a bag.

I promise everything that was in those drawers in still there -- but the black cardstock hides the clutter.

Then I stopped in the scrapbooking aisle to find black cardstock. A few months ago, a friend helped me create lightweight wall art for my apartment from scrapbooking paper (no nails for this renter!), so I had an idea in mind for the rolling organizer.

When I got home, I tackled the organizer first — all I needed to do was cut the cardstock to size and tuck it in the front of a drawer. I Scotch-taped it in place so it wouldn’t slide around, but I’m not too concerned. Most things in the drawers aren’t things I need every day, so I won’t be opening and closing the drawers too often. Interestingly, the drawers now look empty — but that’s OK with me. No more clutter in view!

The shelf covering was a bit harder. The fabric was just the right width to wrap around the front and sides, and two yards was perfect to stretch over the top and down to the floor. It was just a matter of cutting and sewing in the right places.

Clutter hidden but still accessible!

When I had the seams in place, I stapled over them for reinforcement — I was a bit worried about the burlap’s weave being so loose. Then, because I didn’t have enough fabric to go around the back, I stapled ribbons to the side panels and tied them in place to the back poles.

Voila! Eyesores no more.

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Sarah Chain

I'm an avid reader and book lover living and working in downtown York. Follow me on Twitter at @sarahEchain.

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