Her last year of believing in Santa? Already?

Recently, my husband mentioned — almost in passing, really — that this is likely the last year our daughter, Samantha, will believe in Santa.

I agreed without giving it much thought, and we went back to watching the Flyers kick some tail.

A few minutes later, though, it really hit me.

Her last year? It’s only been eight years! This stage of her childhood can’t be over so quickly, can it?

It then occurred to me that I was only a little older than Sam when I got my first training bra.

And that thought, lovely readers, made my brain seize up.

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4 Responses

  1. Sarah Chain says:

    My little brother is 9 this year and still believes, even though friends at school are all questioning. We went to Christmas Magic this weekend and he stood in line to see Santa — was easily the oldest in line. So maybe you have another year after this!

  2. Amy Gulli says:

    Sarah: I hope so. For some reason, it makes me so sad to have her give up this part of childhood. It’s probably cuz she’s my oldest, and everything’s harder with that one. :)

  3. Heidi says:

    You could eek out a few more years with some good listening and creativity. One year when I was on the verge of not believing, I told my parents I had the solution: I was going to check the fireplace for footprints in the morning. Very proud of myself, I went to bed. The next morning – there were footprints in the fireplace. That bought my parents an extra year out of me =)

  4. Amy Gulli says:

    Heidi: That’s awesome! I remember I asked my mom how Santa got into our house since we didn’t have a chimney. She told me that Tinkerbell travels with Santa, and she crawls through the keyholes and unlocks the doors for him. I give her mad props for that one! :)

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