On a holiday budget? Here’s a manicure trend to sparkle over

Me getting ready to get my shop on in New York City.

I blogged earlier this month about a Red Lion Recreation bus trip I was planning with a gal pal to New York for a day. The trip was a blast but New York is too hard to see in one day, even when you’re just focusing on shopping.

Walking just a few blocks in the Herald Square area took several hours, the streets were just crammed with amazing stores and boutiques! It seemed like every store was several floors with giant sale rooms, too.

While we were in the Big Apple, my friend and I were constantly torn between seeing stores like Tiffany’s and Saks Fifth Avenue where we could afford nothing and stores where we could afford things (but the stuff just wasn’t as exciting) like UNIQGLO.

In the end, we made off with a couple of bags from moderately-priced stores like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.

Style alert
There was one trend I spotted in New York that I’m planning on doing myself in Decemeber. I saw a gorgeous advertisement in a NYC Sephora store for OPI nail polish. The model’s nails was decked out in a solid gold polish and the tips were done in bronze-colored glitter, French manicure style. For those of you on a holiday budget, this winter nail polish trend from OPI is something relatively easy and inexpensive to do.

I attempted this festive manicure almost as soon as I returned from New York, but the glitter nail polishes that I had on hand from elf Makeup & Cosmetics just weren’t high quality enough to pull this style off. Use the actual nail polishes from OPI to get the right look. The nail polishes used in the photo from the Sephora advertisement at left are called Don’t Be Eggnogious and Keep Me On My Mistletoe. Both of these polishes can be purchased here.

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