Holiday countdown: Christmas cookies!

Last weekend, a co-worker and I set aside a Saturday night for Christmas cookies. We had grand ambitions — peanut butter blossoms with Hershey kisses on top, gingerbread cookies with white chocolate chips, chocolate drop cookies and, of course, the classic chocolate chip.

After an hour or so in the kitchen, we’d done one batch of chocolate chips. I had managed to drop / throw a very hot, very full-of-cookies baking sheet across the kitchen, and then rip her paper-towel holder off the wall in my frantic rush to clean up the melted chocolate chips on the floor. It was 9:30, and I was ready for bed.

So a tip for cookie-bakers-to-be this season: Start early, be realistic and hold on tight to those cookie sheets.

Certain recipes are classics — gingerbread or sugar cookies for the kids to decorate with icing, fancy thumbprints to impress the in-laws or guests, any combination of peanut butter and chocolate, etc. Plenty of people also like to try new ideas — the “food and drink” section of Pinterest is continually updated with sugary recipes for holiday treats.

But if you’re hoping to have cookies for dessert now and also for Santa (or gifts) later, you’ll have to do a bit of planning. You can find a suggested planner for holiday baking here.

Do you have your own tips for how to handle Christmas cookies? Do you set aside an entire afternoon or day, or do it bit-by-bit? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Jess Krout says:

    Lol! I had so much fun cookie baking with you!! Even if we only managed to produce chocolate chip cookies — it was still loads of fun (and you’re totally invited over anytime). I’m thankful you didn’t mention my poorly trained cat. :)

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