Holiday countdown: Ten days til Christmas

Christmas is ten days away, and so far all I have is the tree. It’s decorated (and lopsided), and has some paper snowflakes under it, thanks to my little brother. But that’s where it ends. Please, someone tell me I am not alone in my complete lack of preparedness.

Here’s my progress:

  • Gifts: Secret Santa at work — bought. Presents for family — about half bought. Half of that half still en route via Amazon. Hostess gift for Saturday’s party — MIA.
  • Wrapping gifts: Ha. Ha. Ha.
  • Cookies for Santa: On the to-do list. I think I have about three baby carrots for Rudolph, too. Hope he’s not that hungry. Hope he doesn’t want to share with the other eight reindeer.
  • Food for the family: In the freezer. Hope they like pulled beef. And that I remember to buy buns.
  • Travel plans: That oil change that I was supposed to do before I drive across Pennsylvania? Yep. Also on under the “not-yet-completed” column.
  • Decorating: One for the win! And a big thanks to my younger brother for making my paper chains so I can count this as completed.

I always start the holiday season with grand intentions of starting early. (Remember my sage advice on Nov. 1 to plan ahead?) In fact, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I mulled around downtown York to start idea-hunting. But nothing caught my eye, and so yesterday morning in my aerobics class, I was still daydreaming about gift ideas.

And now, with 10 days left, I am where I am. I’ll have (very) busy weekend of house cleaning, cookie baking, gift wrapping, laundry-doing, etc.

Does anyone else feel like Christmas came up fast this year?

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Sarah Chain

I'm an avid reader and book lover living and working in downtown York. Follow me on Twitter at @sarahEchain.

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