10 vegan gifts for $10 to give

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Eating at holiday festivities is hard enough as a vegan, but what about presents? With products that contain wool, leather or even milk products in beauty items, it can be hard to shop for a vegan. But fear no more! With a little effort and this nifty list, you can buy a gift for $10 or less for the animal-conscious person in your life.

1. Soap. You would not believe how much vegan soap I own. It seems like the go-to gift to give to vegans. And whereas I have ran out of space to put it, I know I will get some more during this holiday season! I mean, how can you resist scents like cranberry fig and pear berry? Just remember to check the contents of the soap, as some companies use forms of milk or honey in their products.

2. Lotion/other body products. Again, another easy staple for vegan gifts. The more natural, the better, and don’t forget to check those labels!

3. Bottle of organic wine. What you may not know is, wine, beer and liquor companies use animal products and by-products to filter their drinks (fish bladders, eggs.) And you might think this tricky, but that’s where Barnivore comes in. This handy-dandy searchable guide will tell you what companies are vegan-friendly. You also can ask the company about the wine/beer/etc. when you buy if you are buying local.

4. Spice food kit. Put together a creative spice basket for the foodie in your life. Go to local farmers markets, which offer a variety so you can get a bunch of little samples to put together. Also, think outside the box: chia seeds, Himalayan salt and nutritional yeast.

5. Organic olive oil. It’s so yummy when it’s natural and authentic, but sometimes vegans don’t always have money to get the best. Treat them to a great bottle.

6. Cookbooks. You can find many different types of cookbooks for cheap. Even check out zines that offer recipes. Vegans can never have too many cookbooks.

7. Donate to a vegan charity. Can’t decide on what he or she will like? Make a great contribution to a farm sanctuary or other vegan organization. Just make sure you do your research before donating.

8. Etsy. If you never heard of Etsy, where have you been? If you search “gifts under 10,” there are a lot of great items looking for a new home. One example: There are some great handmade pins by vegancraftastic.

9. Vegan chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Vegans certainly do, if you can’t tell by one lovely blogger’s obsession.

10. Cook together! Do you wonder how vegans even eat? Spend some time in the kitchen with that special person and learn that vegan food is just as good — and I think better — than any other type of cuisine!

Bethany Fehlinger

Bethany Fehlinger is a journalist in the Design Center at the York Daily Record. She is a graduate of Penn State University and has been a vegetarian and geek for more than six years. Twitter: @Wonder_veggie

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    ANYTHING with Himalayan salt is a great gift – so many health benefits, and completely VEGAN!

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