Smart Sponsor: Lebo Skin Care Center Talks about Dry Skin

Dry skin, especially on the hands and arms, is hard to avoid this time of year. You know the look of it… Rough, red skin. The winter months are notorious for zapping the moisture out of your skin, but why? Chilly air outside mixes with the dry, heated air inside, resulting in low humidity. Low humidity leads to the annoying winter problem of dry skin.

Winter weather isn’t always the cause. Hereditary reasons, the process of aging and certain medical conditions can lead to pesky dry skin. Avoiding harsh soaps or sanitizers can help combat dry winter skin.

Adding a quality moisturizer to your arsenal can help keep your hands looking and feeling soft. Lebo Skin Care Center has a variety of pharmaceutical-grade skin care products, chief among them their Intensive Hand Cream. A best seller, the Intensive Hand Cream hydrates like a dream. Customers love it because it doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy like so many other hand creams. Dry, chapped hands quickly become a distant memory.

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  1. Thanks for the post and for sharing info on dry skin, can you pls advice whether microdermabrasion skin treatment is good for dry skin or not..?

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