Holiday countdown: Reuse leftover Christmas cards

When I was younger, my parents had a big basket with a stuffed Santa attached, and that was where all our Christmas cards went. This year I received five, so I probably don’t need a basket of my own.

But I can’t be offended — I didn’t send any of my own this year. I tackled it once in college and once as an adult, and it’s more time and focus than I have to dedicate during the holidays.

Some folks do still send holiday cards, though, from 25-year-olds to my parents’ generation. I’m sure the Santa basket was full again this year.

So if you’re drowning in cards and looking for something to do with them, check out a craft from Smart graphic designer Sam Dellinger. Instead of throwing your cards away, you can use the covers to create a nifty coupon holder. And as a bonus, it might keep your more organized in 2012.

Read on for instructions and the card template.

What you need:
— Assortment of holiday cards
— X-acto knife
— Straight edge
— String
— Cardboard
— Scissors
— Duct tape
— Clear tape

Step 1:Cut folded cards to these dimensions: 3 3/4 inches for height by 5 inches for width. Cut a tab at top, so you can label your sections. (Use card template.)

Repeat for three more cards or add more cards if you need to. NOTE: For each card, make sure you move the tab over slightly so you can read the labels.

Step 2: Put string inside each card. Make sure the length of the string is at least twice the length of the card.

Step 3: Tape sides of cards shut.

Step 4: Cut cardboard 5 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches long.

Step 5: To make your cardboard easier to fold, score the middle. Be careful not to cut through it.

Step 6: Reinforce the inside and outside spine of cardboard with duct tape.

Step 7: Place cards inside the cover.

Step 8: Gather strings and tie securely. Cut off loose ends.

Step 9: Add duct tape to outer edges of cardboard for protection. Duct tape comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can be creative.

Step 10: Decorate the cover. And add labels to your tabs, i.e. food, pets and beauty.

– – –

Smart is showcasing something different each day of the holiday season. Some days it will be an event, such as a play or craft bazaar. Other days it will be a recipe you can serve during Christmas dinner or a suggestion for entertaining the kids. We’ll give tips to survive the holidays — all 61 days of them. View past posts by clicking on “Holiday countdown” under “Things to do” at the top of the homepage.

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