Birthday cake traditions

Birthday cakes can be personal. My husband, for example, requests chocolate cake with peanut butter icing every May and my sister-in-law always wants a confetti cake with matching confetti icing. All of these are pretty standard varieties.

In December, we joined our good friends for a 30th birthday celebration. It was Katie’s big day and we went out to dinner with the couple and her parents. At the end of the meal, Linda, Katie’s mom, surprised us all (especially Katie!) with this culinary creation…

Katie's beautiful Rudolph cake

Aside from being beautiful and obviously time consuming, this specific cake has special meaning. Katie’s mom used to make this for her every year for her birthday when she was a child. She saved this Rudolph cake mold from the 1980’s knowing someday she might recreate this masterpiece. What better way to celebrate your 30th than with a throwback to your childhood?

What about you? Do you have any special birthday traditions in your family?

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