Who has time for commercials?

I can’t stand watching commercials.

Maybe it’s because I’m horribly impatient and hate wasting time. Or maybe it’s that I grew up in a household where my sister and father would watch two shows simultaneously so they never had to sit through commercials. Or maybe it’s just habit because I work the night shift and DVR my nightly shows. Why watch commercials when you can just zip right through them and turn that hour show into about 45 minutes?

After leaving reporting to become at editor here, I struggled over how to find ways to write. I knew I could blog, but I didn’t have anything to blog about — except my problem. I watch too many television shows. And I’m pretty religious about it. I may have enough shows that sometimes I have to schedule my DVR thinking about what shows I can catch online if I miss recording them since you can only record two at a time. Don’t judge.

In having a chat with Smart queen Kara Eberle about my DVR habits, I realized I’m probably not alone. We all live pretty busy lives and can’t guarantee we’ll be home in time for that prime-time slot.

So for a little research for a piece I’m working on for Smart, I need you — yes you! Who else has jumped on the DVR bandwagon? Who watches their shows online? And what shows are your must-see shows?

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5 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    Hi Kate!
    I also hate commercials. Even before the advent of DVR I refused to watch them, incessantly flipping through all of the channels until the commercials were over. Now, I don’t watch very many shows religiously, but I never watch them live. Even when I catch a show right at the beginning, I will pause it, go do something else for 20 minutes, and then return and fast forward through the commercials. I even do this with the evening news.

  2. Jo Ott says:

    Do not own a DVR, never did and never will. But what I do is mute nearly all commercials, go to the potty, put dishes in the dishwasher, put clothes in washer, take out of dryer, whatever needs done. Actually , with the number of commercials during shows & between shows increasing each year there’s almost enough time now to drive to Giant for groceries and back and hardly miss much of a show. I do switch over to QVC many times during commercials–for some humor!, not to buy. As for must-see shows–NCIS & NCIS-LA on Tuesday nights, 60 minutes Sunday nights, some Brit shows Saturday nights and my newest watch is The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights. Don’t laugh–Wheel & Jeopardy following the news. I don’t sweat missing any tv show because it will be back again one or more times. And there is little else worthy of my time to waste on television! :)

  3. Donna Nicklow says:

    The only three TV shows I watch are “Glee,” “Parenthood” and “The Big Bang Theory.” I DVR them to watch with my hubby when it’s convenient. No catching shows online, but I do sometimes watch DVR’d “Big Bangs” on those rare occasions when I use my Tony Little Gazelle for more than a clothes rack. And when I do that, I definitely fast-forward through the commercials so I can get my workout finished in 20 minutes instead of half an hour!

  4. greg hill says:

    i agree with you about to many commercials, its just crazy……..what happened to pay tv without commercials, that used to be what they advertized when pay tv came about, now it seems we’re paying to see commercials, there are to many, and to long…i may have to invest in a DVR myself

  5. Kara Eberle says:

    Donna, I love “Parenthood.” Such a great show! I catch it OnDemand when I miss it. For some reason the first new episode after the holidays never showed up in the queue. I know it’s available online, too, but it’s not the same.

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