Last Friday was my reality check.  Since October 21st, I gained 12 pounds. How in the world did I allow myself over the course of 12 weeks to gain a pound each week?  Well, let’s be honest, I know how. Obviously, I ate myself through the holidays. Did I enjoy it? Of course.  Did I feel guilty everyday? Yep.  Did the guilt let me continue down a road I’ve traveled many, many times prior?  You betcha.  Was I making excuses for my behavior?  Yes!

Here's the proof!

My husband says that I make excuses. (Yes, I’m a lucky woman. Please remind me of that later.)  I guess if I am honest with myself then he really does have a point. (As much as I hate to admit it.) I had a rational and irrational excuse for every bad behavior since October 21st:

I don’t have time to go to Aqua Aerobics class because it’s trick or treating in our neighborhood.

It’s okay to eat 10 pieces of laffy taffy because if I eat them then the boy won’t.

Three mini candy bars are better than a whole candy bar. (FYI- This is seriously not true.)

The hospital has no healthy food.

It’s okay to overeat at Thanksgiving, I will work it off at the gym this week.

Christmas is the time of year to splurge. Why not eat two pieces of pie?

I can’t go to the gym, I don’t have the time.

If my husband didn’t buy sweets, then I wouldn’t eat them.

I pride myself on not being That Person – you know the one who makes excuses for their behavior. If I do something wrong, I take ownership whether at work, home or in public. Yet, here I am blaming everyone and everything for gaining 12 pounds.

Reality Check – I gained 12 pounds.  I accept full responsibility.  I wasn’t watching what I was eating.  I wasn’t exercising. I let everything and anything stand in my way of being healthy. Truth is that I rarely let anything or anyone stand in my way if I want something. Yet, I was the only one standing in my way the past 12 weeks.

No more excuses for me. I am a member of the YMCA. So, on my day off on Friday, I made time to go work out at the gym. Hello, Mr. Stationary bicycle.  I haven’t see you in awhile. My goal – 20 minutes of exercise. (Hey, I’m out of shape. What do you expect?) I rode the bike for 30 minutes and walked on the tread mill for 10.  Saturday, I shoveled snow for two hours. Monday, I walked around the Galleria Mall for 30 minutes in my bright blue pants while the boy played at Tumble Town.

Bright blue pants, bright white sneakers and ankle socks. Wow, wasn't I a sight to behold last night.

I’ve also managed to watch everything that I’ve eaten this week and stay within my caloric intake limits.  I also haven’t deprived myself, I’ve been down that road before it leads to nothing good. One day at a time, I guess.  I didn’t gain 12 pounds in a week, so I shouldn’t expect to lose 12 pounds in a week.

Number 45 on my really great  To Do List: Be Honest.  Guess that includes being honest with myself.

Are you honest with yourself?

Courtney Cashour

Courtney Cashour is mother of The Boy. Wife to Bill. She has an Eidetic memory (photographic). She is often found muttering to herself, swearing or humming Green Day’s "American Idiot." Has been known to fall over randomly while standing still.

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  1. Emileigh Clare says:

    I gained a few pounds over the holidays too. There is a lot of temptation this time of year and exercising isn’t as motivating when it’s so cold outside and sometimes I’d rather be a couch potato. I’m back on track now though and I’ve also been going to the Y a lot!

    There’s a couple of classes that I would recommend, muscle pump, body combat and zumba can be great motivators.

  2. Courtney Cashour says:

    I’ve been thinking of trying the zumba class. Everyone I’ve talked to really recommends it.

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