Behind the scenes: Learning about crystals

I sometimes wonder what people think when they see what I'm working on. Today, I have a box full of crystals on my desk. Stay tuned for the layout in the March/April issue of Smart.

I’m getting some good vibes while writing about these crystals and precious stones. I borrowed them from New Visions Books and Gifts in Springettsbury Township last week. I got to spend some time with co-owner Bill Trivett while I was there. He explained that the crystals’ powers are partially attributed to a “power of intent,” meaning, if you believe in their power, you’ll feel it. Sort of like the power of suggestion.

Each stone is accompanied by a sheet of paper explaining its qualities. And each one carries a disclaimer at the bottom,  stating that the information is for “education and entertainment purposes only and should not in any way be seen as a substitute for standard health and medical treatment.

Some of these stones are beautiful and come from Brazil and Uruguay. It’s been fun to learn about them.

Plus, it couldn’t hurt to have a green aventurine, aka Prosperity Stone, on my desk for few days, right?

Kara Eberle

Mother of two. Wife to Mark. From Adams County. Graduated from Penn State. Often find myself humming the theme song to "The A-Team" and have no idea why. Send your news tips to or @karaeberle on Twitter.

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