I went from brunette to blonde at TAAZ, check out some other awesome beauty websites

I tried on Kate Winslet's hair at taaz.com.

Don’t make me rip up my proud-natural-brunette card, but questions about blondes OR redheads having more fun sometimes plague me. Maybe it would be nice to change up my appearance with auburn or golden strands.

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Emma Stone look adorable with their adopted hair hues. Of course, they also spend thousands of dollars on products and stylists to keep their hair from becoming chemically damaged. Plus, I’m just too frightened of looking freaky and/or fake ala Lindsay Lohan to actually experiment at a salon. So I use the virtual makeover website TAAZ to indulge in new hair color and styles, scare free.

At TAAZ, you can experiment with teeth whitening, color contacts, lipsticks, among other beauty options that you might be intimidated to try in person. After creating your own account, you simply upload a well-lit photo of yourself, smiling, with your hair back. After you upload the photo, TAAZ is able to scan your face and will then ask you to click around certain facial features, such as the shape of your face or your eyes. At that point, you should be able to try a variety of different looks under the makeover tab.

Here is another hairstyle I tried at TAAZ. Let me know what you think:

I also tried Stephanie Pratt's hair from MTV's "The Hills."

Some of my other favorite beauty websites

  • Do you hate wasting your money on a beauty product that fails to deliver on its promise of fuller lips, longer lashes, etc.? Me too! MakeupAlley is great for finding product reviews that can help you out before you buy. Sometimes you can find over a thousand reviews for one product. MakeupAlley is also not owned by a beauty brand so you know you’re getting the real scoop. You can search products by most popular, best value, newest, newest reviews, or top reviewers. Talk about help!
  • InStyle magazine and Vogue magazine are known for classic and beautiful fashion photo spreads and the websites for these magazines are no exception. Check out the sites for beauty inspiration.
  • Beautylish has lots of great features, like user-uploaded tutorial videos for hairstyles and makeup looks.
  • Make sure your favorite beauty products are cruelty free at Leaping Bunny. The website has a great and comprehensive compassionate shopping guide because we all know that beauty on the inside is much more important than beauty on the outside.
  • Arthur & Daughters, a York-centered fashion blog, has a fun and entertaining look at area fashion. I love the photos of local fashionistas under the Sightings tab.
  • Looking for more local beauty news? Check out the Style tab here at Smart.
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    Multimedia copy editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News

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    1. Agnes Aileen says:

      “It is indeed very useful for all the women. Taaz app is awesome of all the makeover options available online!!! One can sit back at a place and get clear pictures of self after application of makeup products, the store from where they could be bought along with various expert advices too!!!!! I’m sure it’ll help many confused ladies choose the best face makeup without any loss of money on tester packs.

      Taaz has launched a new iPhone app. Try it out at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hair-try-on-by-taaz/id569640481?ls=1&mt=8

    1. March 29, 2013

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