Do you swap or upcycle used items?

When I was job-hunting, I sincerely appreciated the use of the job-posting aggregator Come to think of it, most of us use agreggators on a consistent basis. Google pulls content from all over the Internet when you use its search function. Even the York Daily Record collects content from our reporters, wire services and other papers, deciding what’s newsworthy for our paper and website.

So it makes sense that a website like would arise. Its mission is “to provide a means for people to find items they need while reducing landfill waste.” But it’s not just a website — it’s also a search engine. The “About” page explains that “searches the web for free and ‘for swap/trade’ items people no longer need or want from over 45+ major sources.”

Instead of opening multiple browser windows or tabs to search Craigslist, local yard sale listings and Pennysaver, the content is pulled into one place. The site, at this time, does not partner with freecycle, but it’s still an interesting idea.

I think as the economy tanked, more people turned to buying things secondhand. (I furnished my apartment with used items, mostly for financial reasons.) But often, frugality and environmental awareness go hand-in-hand. Buying, swapping or trading used items saves a few bucks, but it also keeps these items out of landfills. And often, (with help and inspiration from sites such as Pinterest) all a secondhand item needs is a coat of paint or a re-imagined purpose to give it fresh life.

I’m curious as to how many Yorkers are swapping or upcycling their older items — or turning to sites like ecofreek and local stores like ReSource York for gently loved furniture or other items. Have you joined the trend of swapping, trading and reusing?

Sarah Chain

I'm an avid reader and book lover living and working in downtown York. Follow me on Twitter at @sarahEchain.

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  1. Bethany Fehlinger says:

    I am on Freecycle and have received a lot of books, a coffee maker and a salad spinner. I also have given clothes, books and other household items. I love swaps and reusing items people no longer want. You know they will get another life and more good use out of them.

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