Smart Sponsor: How to care for your pearls by The Watchmaker’s Daughter

Pearls. Audrey Hepburn made them famous in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but they’ve been a natural favorite for centuries. Like any true classic, nothing has changed in the way pearls are formed.

Here’s how it works: A single grain of sand gets lodged inside an oyster. Over time, the oyster covers over that grain of sand layer after layer of a substance called nacre. Much time and many layers later, a pearl is born.

Natural pearls that exist and form in nature are extremely rare and expensive. The majority of pearls we see today are cultured. They’re formed in much the same way, but with a man-made effort. An irritant (the sand) is placed inside the oyster, which is then monitored and cared for until the pearl is ready. Depending on the type of oyster and other factors, pearls come in a number of colors – white, cream, silver, gray, black and brown.

Pearls should be properly cared for to ensure many years of wear. Karen Reiss Staub of The Watchmaker’s Daughter shares some tips to properly care for this classic piece of jewelry.

A dramatic piece of pearl jewelry from The Watchmaker's Daughter

Tips for Caring for Pearl Jewelry

-To clean them, use a mild dish detergent like Ivory Soap and a soft bristle brush. Gently brush with the soap under warm water, and then hang to dry.

-Do not store your pearls in an airtight container. They need to breathe or they may become yellowish.

-Check the area around the clasp for any fraying of the thread to avoid any breakage while you’re wearing them.

-Consider getting your pearls restrung when you notice the thread starting to stretch out between the pearls.

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