Slideshow: Making allergen-free doughnuts

So I finally found the time to make the allergen-free doughnuts I wrote about here. I was able to find the final two ingredients I needed (millet and sorghum flour) thanks to Sonnewald, and then I got to work.

The recipe was super easy to put together — no issues there. My only hurdle was trying to get my oil to the right temp since the only food thermometer I own only goes to 220 degrees, and I needed to be at 350.

But I think I did OK after the I burnt the first two doughnuts to a crisp.

We put some of the doughnuts in granulated sugar, topped others with a chocolate sauce (Enjoy Life chocolate chips and rice milk) and used a glaze, as well.

The verdict: Both Ava (food allergy kid) and Brendan (non-food allergy kid) were in heaven. I couldn’t make them fast enough. I, too, enjoyed a few. They aren’t as sweet as a regular, store-bought doughnut, but they were yummy.

Mine were best eaten that same night. The next day, they tasted dry (that didn’t stop the kids from eating them, though!). I think I’ll adjust my cooking time when I try it again.

Here’s a quick slideshow I put together of the process:

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