Container Garden Chronicles: Avoiding pest problems

We had a bit of fun this week on Twitter when fellow York Daily Record staffer (and resident beauty blogger) Emileigh Clare clued us in on a garden friend at the office.

You can read on for the back-and-forth between Jess, Leigh, Emileigh and I. In the coming weeks, as we begin planting our seeds at home and then bring them outside to thrive in the springtime sunshine, we’ll probably have to deal with the groundhogs and rabbits that hang out around the office.

Do you have any tips or tricks for avoiding pests in your garden? Leave us a comment and let us know what works well.

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    Saw a bunny this morning @ydrcom parking lot! @karaeberle @sarahEchain @leighzaleski @jesskrout You guys have a new Container Garden fan.

    Wed, Mar 14 2012 13:20:18
  2. I was fine with that, as long as our bunny saw the garden as a source of beauty, but not as food. I said as much in a tweet back to Emileigh. But somebody had a different idea…
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    Oh no! Rabbit stew, anyone? @e__clare Saw a bunny this morning @ydrcom parking lot! @karaeberle @sarahEchain @leighzaleski

    Wed, Mar 14 2012 13:33:53
  4. I was appalled! I try to give the bunny the benefit of the doubt, but Jess has already signed his execution order. Emileigh protected our bunny friend, though.
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    @jesskrout @karaeberle @sarahEchain @leighzaleski Hands off Thumper!!!

    Wed, Mar 14 2012 13:34:58
  6. Jess tried to backtrack — and to be perfectly fair, she has a cat and loves animals. I can’t see her shooting a bunny intruder.
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    To be clear, I’d prob faint right after I shoot him. But we’ve gotta guard the garden! @e__clare @karaeberle @sarahEchain @leighzaleski

    Wed, Mar 14 2012 13:46:12
  8. Emileigh tried to believe the best of Jess. Maybe she would feed him a carrot.
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    Little bunny foo foo went hoping through the @ydrcom parking lot, up came @jesskrout and… gave him a humongous carrot! #watchbambi

    Wed, Mar 14 2012 13:56:30
  10. Good thing we have coworkers looking out for the animals on the YDR property.
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    @e__clare I knew @jesskrout ‘s post about bunny soup would incite your rage ; ) @karaeberle @sarahEchain

    Wed, Mar 14 2012 14:37:31
  12. In the end, we do have to protect our garden. But not by making bunny soup! If you want to follow along with the Container Garden Chronicles and catch up with us later in the season to see how we’re fairing in the war against garden pests, visit

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    […] And around the York Daily Record / Sunday News building, we’ve seen our fair share of wildlife — bunnies, groundhogs, squirrels, birds. (There was talk of bunny soup.) […]

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