I won’t grow up (with MASH printable download)

MASH by Smart

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Did you ever play MASH when you were a kid?  You know, the game where you tried to predict what your life would be like when you were a grown-up?

It’s funny, somehow in the early 90s, I thought I was going to be married to Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block, living in a mansion in New York City, working as a lawyer and driving a canary yellow Lamborghini. (Um, not even close.) 

I’m positive that my Kia Rondo doesn’t fit into the dream-car category.  Come to think of it, at 12, I couldn’t tell the difference between a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.  I am, however, sure that anything was better than my parents 1980s beige Plymouth Reliant or as my friends called it the “Kicking K-Car.” (Yes, we were smart and sarcastic even at 12.)

Recently, my husband and I have been having pretty in-depth conversations on where we want to be in the next 10 years, since he’s turning the BIG 40 in 27 days. (Getting old stinks!) These conversations happened to coincide with the arrival of my new iPad.

In my desire to avoid the inevitable, I decided to procrastinate with my newest toy, which brings me to MASH.

Did you know that they have several apps for MASH?  Neither did I. But since I was forced to think about being a grown-up, I decided to have some fun and downloaded the app. (It’s free.)

There were five main parts to the MASH game. (For those of you who don’t remember)

What type of house you would live? M-mansion, A-apartment, S-shack or H-house. MASH

Who you would marry? It usually involved four famous people and your “secret” crush that all of your friends knew about.

What type of car you would drive and what color it was? Always expensive and never realistic

What city you would live in? Some place big and busy like Rome, New York, Paris or Los Angeles

What would you would do for a living? Hello dream job (in the eyes of a 12 year old)

There are several differences between 12-year-old me and 34-year-old me.

Take a look:

12-year-old me                                             34-year-old me

                                         Boy Choices

Jordan Knight                                                  My adoring Husband

Kirk Cameron                                                  Ryan Reynolds

Johnny Depp                                                    Johnny Depp

Vanilla Ice                                                        Will Smith

Shane W. (my “super-secret” crush)          Daniel Craig

                                        Career Choices

Lawyer                                                           Researcher/Marketing

Judge                                                              Writer

Nurse                                                              Nurse

Graphic Designer                                         International Business Consult.

Fashion Designer                                         Landscaper/Domestic Goddess

                                        Car Choices

Ferrari                                                          Prius

Lamborghini                                                Honda Civic Hybrid

Mustang                                                       Mustang

                                       Places to live

New York City                                            York, PA

Rome, Italy                                                 Denver/Aurora, CO

Paris, France                                              Spokane, WA

Barcelona, Spain                                        Barcelona, Spain

I know I’m avoiding. The hubby and I are going to have to answer some tough and not-so-tough questions. Life was so much simpler at 12. I might never know what I want to be when I grow up, but I think I’m OK with it. The 12-year-old in me keeps saying the possibilities are endless, even at 34.

Courtney Cashour

Courtney Cashour is mother of The Boy. Wife to Bill. She has an Eidetic memory (photographic). She is often found muttering to herself, swearing or humming Green Day’s "American Idiot." Has been known to fall over randomly while standing still.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Why isn’t there a version for boys??

  2. Joan says:

    Because you, my dear “boy,” are happy with the life you have! HINT HINT.
    Your wife

  3. Teresa says:

    I remember playing this game. I also remember changing “MASH” to “MATH” so we could live in a trailer instead of a shack.

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