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Smart magazine is on Pinterest, and we invite you to check out our boards. Looking for a new recipe to try? We got a board for you. How about a new dessert to make? Look no further.

You’ll find boards ranging from DIY to Disney.
There’s In the Garden, Fun Foods for Little People, Scrabble time, Cool Cookies, Neat Cakes, Cute Cupcakes, Awesome Gift Baskets, Big Breakfast Saturdays, Love, Love, Love Organizing and so much more.

And, one of my faves – our Really? Cool! Cute! Different! board – contains, well, stuff that makes you ask, “Really?” or stuff that is cool or cute or different.
If you aren’t on Pinterest, you can request an invite at Like any social networking site, it’s about connecting and sharing with others. In this case, you’re sharing those items you’ve pinned to one of your boards. A user can follow all of your boards or a single board. You can do the same.

And, if you want others to be able to pin to one of your boards, you can add them as a contributor.

Its search function also allows you to find specific things, like Star Wars or mason jars (We have those boards, too.).

This visual bulletin board is also a great planning tool. Women have used it to plan everything from weddings to first birthday parties.

As great as we think Pinterest is, we must issue this warning: It’s addictive. It’s not uncommon to be pinning away only to realize that you just spent the last four hours with your new best friend.

But if you’re game, we’d love to have you on our Smart boards. We happen to think they’re pretty special.

A local connection

Evan Sharp, a 2001 graduate of York Suburban Senior High School, is a co-founder of Pinterest.

Buffy Andrews

Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Also, Social Media Coordinator.

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