Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

It’s official. I have reached the status of Crazy Cat Lady.

I don’t know why I’ve been so opposed to having a cat. I’ve grown up with animals all my life—but I’ve always seen myself having a dog. I also think I may be a little scorned from watching that fantastically bad 90’s Nickelodeon movie, Harriet the Spy (starring a pubescent Michelle Trachtenberg). In the movie, Harrison, the man with a few fries short of his Happy Meal, scats jazz to his 20 some cats. I think maybe I thought if I ever owned a cat, I’d be Harrison’s counterpart, the Crazy Cat Lady.

When I first moved into my apartment with my boyfriend, I immediately asked our landlord about the pet policy—no dogs. I was pretty heartbroken about it, but when our landlord said we could have a small cat, my boyfriend jumped on that bandwagon. I, however, wasn’t so sure.

I remember teasing my best friend who rescued a cat in Egypt and brought him back to the states (named Habibe, Egyptian for “my beloved.) I said she’d be a crazy cat lady, for sure, and that she was entirely too young to have given up life on the road to companionship and have a cat so soon. She insisted she wasn’t, and maybe Habibe buttered me up a bit too for owning my own feline.

Crazy Cat Lady shows off her prized possession.

The way we got Darcy was by serendipity, I guess. We were visiting Philadelphia when I randomly decided to call my old college roommate for a lunch date. She invited us over first to see the family of kittens she was fostering for PAWS. One of the four was named Queequeg (all four were originally named after the harpooners in Moby Dick) and this kitten was obsessed with us. It didn’t take long to realize we were in love with this tiny creature and we quickly made arrangements for adoption.

Well. It’s been 11 days. And Darcy (the kitten formally known as Queequeg) is now part of our family. She is this little spitfire that brings so much life and joy into our lives. And yes, I find myself writing in all of my descriptions on Facebook and Twitter “My cat’s cuter than yours” and she’s the star in all of the pictures on my Instagram app. I call her my “kid” and I spoil her rotten. So despite my reservations, I think I’ve found….

I am a crazy cat lady and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

E.C. Pollick

I'm the Marketing Copywriter/Coordinator for MediaOnePA and York Newspaper Company. I wear pastel colored pants. I have the most adorable cat ever. I Love Downtown York. I cry when I enter large libraries. Want to chat? Contact me at

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