Mash Mash: Big city feeling in a small town

YORK, PA — While York is known for its rich history, great snack foods and yearly fair, you can also find Mish Mash, York, Pennsylvania’s upscale consignment store that offers top designer names in the fashion industry.

Located at 1337 E. Market St. in York, Mish Mash caters to customers who want to add some designer flair to their wardrobe without paying the high retail costs of distinguished labels. Brands like Alexander Wang, BCBG, Christian Dior, Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren are just some of the renowned labels to browse through.

With high-end names mingled throughout Mish Mash, it’s easy to forget you are in a consignment store. Freshly laundered and dry-cleaned clothing hangs like new on racks while polished shoes are carefully displayed on department shelving. Assortments of purses, scarfs and belts hang in ornament style as jewelry is also appropriately merchandised in a glass fixture giving the store a definitive chic boutique-style feeling.

“I wanted the customers to have that experience that you would have in a big city,” said Francine Burke, Mish Mash’s new owner.

“I added a few touches, like mannequins, to help display some of our more prestigious outfits and dresses. I also continued to create and plan color stories for each room in (an) effort to make it easier for customers to locate must-have items for the season,” Burke said.

Born in Florida and raised in the York area, Burke shopped at Mish Mash as a young adult. “I was really in love with all the high-end labels the store offered and questioned why I had not been coming here all along. It was the first consignment store I had ever stepped a foot in. This was the place that sparked my passion for the consignment and resale business,” Burke said.

In Burke’s professional 15-year career as a corporate buyer, she gained business retail and merchandise experience working at the Bon-Ton and later moved on to Filene’s department store in Boston, Mass. Most recently she was a buyer for JoS. A. Bank Clothiers. It wasn’t until Burke decided to visit her favorite consignment shop in July  2011 that she decided to finally take on her dream of owning her own consignment shop and leaving the corporate world behind. In search of rental-space options, Burke began to browse

“As I looked through what space was for available for sale and what shops were being sold, I noticed that a store placed in the ad was located in York near my favorite store. Skeptical and excited for this potential opportunity, I called Mish Mash and spoke to the owner at the time, Joy Spry, who verified that she was, in fact, selling Mish Mash,” Burke said.

Burke knew that Mish Mash would be the perfect platform for her to start her dream business. She demonstrated her ideas on where she wanted to take the business and all the positive changes she saw in Mish Mash. It was then that Spry decided to sell Burke the 24-year-old shop.

Burke plans to add a few new touches to the shop to enhance its boutique-feel. She plans on building a website to allow easy at home shopping for customers and most recently created a social media page for the store. She plans to use the Mish Mash Facebook page to keep customers up to date on sales, promotions, events and other notices exclusively to followers of the page.

By incorporating the social media and a website to this business, Burke hopes to enhance her customer experiences at Mish Mash. She hopes to gain more traffic through these resources and educate people on why consignment is a wonderful way to shop and a great way to add some supplementary income as a consignor.

While many have a hesitant view on consignment, Mish Mash gives people an alternative interpretation of what consignment shopping could be. “It’s the young people that is who really benefit,” Burke said. Young women who need to dress professionally and are fresh out of college have the opportunity to walk into my store and purchase a great suit at an affordable price,” Burke said.

The store is not only an interesting addition to York, but also gives a big city feeling in a small town. With new things coming into play at Mish Mash, one thing is for sure: the clothes are fab, and the price is right.

Whether you are looking for a cocktail dress for that special date or a great suit for your first interview, Mish Mash has it all. If you are interested in indulging yourself in some chic fashion-forward budget-friendly items, make sure to check your calendar and pencil in a visit to Mish Mash.


For more information on Mish Mash call:


Store Hours:

10 a.m. -5 p.m. Monday through Friday
10 a.m.- 5 p.m Saturday
Closed Sunday


You can also check out my experience personally at the store and see what I bought by visiting my blog at:



I just recently joined the York Daily Record and Smart Magazine team as a freelance writer. I love fashion and have a weak spot for a good pair of heels. I run my own fashion blog "Jossie the Bargain Lover" and love to share my designer bargain finds! My hobbies include reading, jogging, and good music.

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  1. Thank you Jossie and Smart Mag! Great article! Mish Mash is now open until 7.00 PM on Wednesdays to accommodate our working fashionistas! We are also carrying prom gowns, mother of the bride dresses and all special occasion dresses! Stop in to see our new arrivals….we have incoming merchandise daily!

    ~From all of us at Mish Mash

  2. Kara Eberle says:

    Thank you for the information and for being a part of Smart, Francine!

  3. How do i remove a hairspray stain from my new leather handbag?

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