April 21 is Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

There is a holiday for everything.

Diesel is an English bulldog whose pastimes include sleeping, eating and more sleeping. His owners are Samantha and William Dellinger of York Township.

And on April 21 you can celebrate the beauty of bullies everywhere.

Here is a photo of me talking to Diesel. Yes, I'm crazy about my bully, but if you met Diesel you would understand.

I have a personal interest in the holiday because I’m also the proud mama of a 6-year-old English bulldog named Diesel.

I talk about him on a daily and sometimes minute-by-minute basis.

I even have a favorite bully I tweet at. Bryant University mascot Tupper is one of my favorite tweeters I follow. You can follow him, too. His Twitter handler is @BryantTuppy. And if you want to become an enabler to my own crazy obsession with my bully, then follow me @blackcat911.

Bryant's Official Mascot: Tupper.

So, I’m trying to spread the love of bullies by sharing two coloring pages for the kiddies.

Click on this image to view at full size.

Click on this image to view at full size.

Other local ties to Bulldogs are several high schools that have the english bulldog as their mascots, because bulldogs are very tenacious. Here is a list of area high schools that have the bulldog as their mascot:
• Big Spring Bulldogs
• Tri-Valley Bulldogs
• West York Bulldogs
• Wilson Bulldogs

Bulldogs are also popular as icons, professional sports, military branches and other organizations, including the following:

Mack Truck logo
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (one of my favorite Ska bands)
• University of Georgia (Uga)
• Bryant University (Ironclad Tupper)
• United States Marine Corps
• United States Air Force Academy, Cadet Squadron 13, “The Bulldawgs”
Source: wikipedia

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  1. Samantha! I love you! Thank you for mentioning me in your story with your beautiful bulldog coloring pages!

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m glad you liked the coloring pages. I’ll have to draw one of you! haha

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