What I would like to see when I shop for clothes

This outfit we posted on Pinterest was repinned 143 times and liked 25 times. This leads me to believe there are other women in the world who are looking for simple, classy clothes. Find more smart outfits by following Smart magazine on Pinterest. Click on the image for more outfits I wish I could be wearing right now.

I want some new clothes for summer. Here’s what I wish I could find on the racks:

1) Shirts that aren’t semi-transparent. Would it be so hard for clothing manufacturers to find fabric that isn’t see-through? As someone who doesn’t want my undergarments to show, I have to wear a cami under many of my shirts. As a human who gets hot in the summer, layering my clothing seems sort of ridiculous.

2) A tank top that isn’t too skimpy and will cover all my wobbly bits when I bend over to pick up my 2-year-old. Spaghetti straps made of lace are pretty on the hanger, but they’re just not practical for a working mom on the go.

3) A shirt that doesn’t have bling. A shirt that has beads and sequins aren’t my thing because:

* My children will scratch their faces on my shirt while snuggling.

* Why would I want something sharp attached to my shirt?

* I’m not looking to make a splash or attract attention when I leave the house. I just want to be covered and not look silly.

4) A shirt that isn’t a billboard for some fashion designer.

5) A shirt that doesn’t have big flowers on it and/or has a southwestern theme that makes me look like I belong in the desert.

6) A shirt doesn’t hug all of my womanly curves. Why does everything have to hug me like a body suit? I do not want to show off my muffin top. Please make a shirt that hangs loosely without looking like a sack.

7) Skorts. My daughter has lots of adorable skirts that have shorts inside. Why can’t they make the same things for women?

8) Pants with pockets. Real pockets. Not the fake pockets that don’t hold anything. My husband’s pants have pockets. Why can’t clothing manufacturers figure out how to put pockets on all of my pants?

As someone who works in an office all day, I also would like:

1) A shirt with sleeves. Both sleeves. And I would like it if both of those sleeves reached my wrists. What good is a 3/4-length sleeve anyway?

2) A simple button-down shirt without embellishment and isn’t meant to double as a corset.

3) Petite dress pants without elastic at the waist. I’m short, not 76 years old.

3) Petite capri pants. Why? Because capri pants made for a woman who is 5-foot-6 look like regular pants on someone who is 5-foot-1. And then I just look silly.

I’m sure I sound boring. Some people can carry off the bling and the skimpy tank tops. I love seeing how other people put together an outfit.

Maybe I’m the only person who dislikes the current fashion trends. Maybe I should embrace the sequins and ties and barely-there fabric. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Or maybe I just need to work harder to find boring clothes.

Kara Eberle

Mother of two. Wife to Mark. From Adams County. Graduated from Penn State. Often find myself humming the theme song to "The A-Team" and have no idea why. Send your news tips to keberle@ydr.com or @karaeberle on Twitter.

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  1. Bethany Fehlinger says:

    I definitely agree with the petite capri pants. I can never go out and buy these, because they turn into regular jeans or highwaters for me, at 5’3″! (I have short legs.) Also, I hate the petite section usually, because the companies assume I will be skinny and have no curves because I am petite. The only places that might have something that doesn’t scratch along the ground is the companies with the “short” sizes.
    Ironically, my sister has a hard time finding shirts and pants that fit her 5’10″ frame with long arms and legs. Everything is short for her, when they sag past my feet and hands instead.

  2. Kara Eberle says:

    Yeah, I think it’s tough to find clothes that fit for everyone — tall or short. Teresa Cook brought me catalogs from L.L. Bean and Land’s End today to help in my search for “boring” clothes!

  3. Ann Linn says:

    I so agree its hard find normal clothing. I have girls and we rather they wore boy shorts cause the girl shorts are too hoochy looking! And they make top s and pants to short so I’ve seen ads for an extender like thing to cover your underwear and skin that sticks out! I also want to know why camis which are UNDERgarments are accepted as outwear! We certainly have fights with our girls about this. When will designers come to their senses?! And we also have issues with them wanting to wear clothes to tight and the boys are totally different wearing theirs way to big!

  4. I would like to find clothes to for the older generation. Everything is for the young. After you pass a certain age, clothes in stores today do not work for me. Why are all the designers designing for the younger person.? What about us who have full figures and can’t wear the skinny, see through clothes? Come on designers or should be say buyers for the stores. Time to think of us older generation. We are the ones who support your stores

  5. I would like to see clothes in stores for the older generation. What has happened to clothes that you can wear for a couple of seasons? With a full figure, the styles of the young just don’t work for me. The skinny, see through fabric and short lenght are not me. Come on buyers, buy for the older generation as well as the young. Which of us support you more? young or old.

  6. Marlena says:

    I love ur clothes, they r so cute.

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