Smart Health Challenge Week 7: Jess Reed trains with Mindy (on video)

Last week, Smart Health Challenge winner Jess Reed found her sense of humor at a friend’s birthday party aka ’80s prom night. This week, Reed trains with Phases Fitness’s Mindy Quesenberry on video (and cheats a little on her nutrition plan). Read on:

May 14

As with every Monday, today was a program day. This week is crazy for me outside of the gym; the big fundraiser I am chairing is happening this coming Saturday, so you know I don’t have a minute to spare. I have an appointment with Jess Krout this Wednesday; she is coming to the gym to take some video and pictures of me working out with Mindy – another chance for me to conquer my fear of being videotaped in workout clothes and sweating! I have been having a lot of chances to conquer fears lately, and I am sure there will be more to come as Mindy pushes me during this challenge.

May 15

I was so excited today: I made it through my first blended class with Jody without having to stop and take a break! That’s an hour straight of step and weight training. It is nice to feel my body changing along with my ability to do more activities. Here is the kicker: The more I can do, the more Mindy will make me do. It is like when I was a kid and my parents were teaching me to swim, and while I was swimming to them, they would keep moving farther and farther away. There is no end to this; it will never get easier. I am not sure if I like that! I did admit to Mindy the other week that I am starting to like coming to the gym; I feel sluggish on Sundays when I don’t do anything. That does not mean that in a month, when the workout is twice as hard, that I am still going to like it. I keep hearing it takes a month to make something into a habit; well, this big girl is here to tell you that it has been more than a month, and this is still not a habit! Eating rabbit food and counting each blueberry I put in my mouth is still a daily effort. Maybe two months for me. … I wish my addictive personality would kick in!

May 16

I know you all were expecting a weigh-in today, but Mindy and I spoke and decided that we should actually do weigh-ins every other week since I was really focusing on the number. I promised to try and stay away from my scale; so far, so good!

So Jess Krout came in today and took some video. Here is what she saw:

May 17

I did Zumba today and made it through the whole class without a break, just like on Tuesday!

I really don’t have focus this week; I just have too much to do. Let me explain how I get around having to think too much on these crazy weeks: I eat the same breakfast and lunch every single day! It is so boring, BUT if I am supposed to be thinking of food as fuel, then it doesn’t matter if I enjoy it or not. I am really trying to wrap my head around the fact that food isn’t supposed to be one of my joys. I love it, but it certainly doesn’t love me. It actually makes me sad to think about all those delicious things I love to eat that I can’t anymore.

May 18

I did my program today, but I only had an hour, so Mindy told me to skip my cardio. I never thought I would say this, but I missed cardio! It was really hard just doing the weights and step ups! I need to figure out how to get myself back to being motivated next week. It is difficult for me to derail even a bit and not give up. Hopefully all of you will keep me in check!

May 19

I didn’t work out at all today in the gym but I was lifting things, sweating and running around Central Market all day, preparing for this event. It turned out beautifully, and we made a decent amount of money for the club. I ate something when I ran home to change at about 5 p.m. and thought I would have time to sit down and eat the one or two things that we had at the party that were “Mindy approved,” but I was wrong! I ate about two shrimp and a TINY piece of chicken the entire night. I also feel the need to mention that I took one bite of a brownie, and it was the best thing I have EVER eaten. I stopped at that one bite, but I think I need to try to refrain from teasing myself. I am not satisfied by one bite!

So we cleaned up and went across the street to the White Rose. We asked for the late-night menu, and WOW, I was in trouble! I asked the waitress if they could make me a salad and she said they could not. So I did something that I haven’t done in more than a month: I cheated! I closed my eyes and tried to decide what would be the lesser of the two evils: chicken fingers with french fries or a crab-topped soft pretzel. I went with the crab soft pretzel. It comes with two pretzel sticks, crab dip on top and melted cheese! I ate about half of one of the pretzels, took the cheese off and ate the crab. My husband helped me out and ate the whole other pretzel, cheese and all. After I ate that half and the crab, I quickly gave my plate to the waitress so it would not sit in front of me. Yup, I am a cheater, and I have to admit that it felt good … until after!

May 20

Today is a recovery day. I am SOOOO exhausted from the weekend that I need to rest, relax and gear up for my next week of crazy. I am back to counting my calories and drinking my water. I cheated yesterday, and instead of sabotaging the whole thing because of fear of failure, I am picking myself up and jumping back on the wagon. It feels good, and hopefully I will learn from this experience and keep something in my purse for these occasions. I was so busy, I didn’t prepare, and that is why I cheated. I will make sure I can never use the excuse again that I wasn’t prepared!

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