Container garden chronicles: Getting into gear

container garden beginning

From left, my cucumber, tomato and three sweet pepper plants.

Yesterday, in between my morning gym class and work, I finally squeezed in a trip to the gardening store. Since my seeds were an abysmal failure (despite my patience), I knew I’d be purchasing plants in May. Except bridal showers and Mother’s Day and volunteer work happened, and May became June.

Container Garden ChroniclesBetter late than never, I browsed through the vegetable, fruit and herb offerings yesterday morning. And every new aisle brought bigger excitements. Watermelon! Banana peppers! A BLUEBERRY BUSH?! I was ready to find myself a plot of land and start a farm.

But the responsible part of me kicked in. I had a budget, and limited pots to plant in. So I picked up a bush cherry tomato plant (they’re easy to freeze or make sauce with, if you have a serious surplus), a cucumber plant (super yummy as a snack with ranch or on salads), and three peppers — red, orange and green (two words: stuffed peppers).

Container garden in my backseat

I like to think my car created a nice greenhouse effect for my baby plants.

I didn’t have time to run home, so my plants hung out in my backseat for the workday. I gave them a little water and cracked the windows and hoped for the best. They seemed to survive.

When I got home, I spread out newspapers in my kitchen and got to work re-potting my five plants. I had just enough soil left over from my two tomato plants I have at home — serendipity, I say.

Repotting my plants for the container garden

Clearly the "before" shot -- i.e. before I got soil absolutely everywhere.

I chose my kitchen because my only other option was the streets of York. If you have outdoor space, I recommend using it — I’ve re-potted plants three times this year so far, and each time I’ve made a giant, giant mess.

Then this morning, I brought my plants in to work. Here’s hoping the groundhog family that lives at the York Daily Record office leaves my veggies alone…

Sarah Chain

I'm an avid reader and book lover living and working in downtown York. Follow me on Twitter at @sarahEchain.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrea Lazarus says:

    What gardening store did you go to? I’m looking to pick up a cucumber plant or two for my own garden!

  2. Rebecca says:

    My sister works in horticulture and said if you leave green peppers on the plant they will turn sweet and become red/yellow. It’s a nice way to save money on the more expensive varieties.

  3. Sarah Chain says:

    Andrea, I just went to the Lowe’s over by the Giant. They seemed to have an OK selection, but I wasn’t really looking for crazy varieties or anything. I know Stauffers is a popular local spot, though.

    Rebecca, that is interesting advice. We’ll see if I can be patient enough to try it!

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