Be a Tuff Chick and Do It Yourself!

In the shop as a "Tuff Chick." (Photo Submitted.)

I’ve always played with the boys. I was the only girl on my soccer team when I was 6 and I’ve always had more boy friends than girl friends.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love a good pair of stilettos as much as the next girl. But I guess I’m just prone to hanging with the boys. And doing what the boys do.

Coupled with that and my family’s obsession with watching “Holmes on Homes,” I guess that’s why I got into do-it-yourself projects and carpentry as a 22-year-old with no house of her own to renovate.

It started when I puttered around my Dad’s shop for father-daughter bonding. It grew into designing and building my own coffee table that doubles as my record holder.

As a last-minute Christmas present last year, I got a pair of Paige Hemmis Tuff Chix work gloves. They’re fantastic. They fit me. And they’re pink.

The finished project: the vinyl cabinet/coffee table handmade by me. (With a little help from Dad!) (Photo Submitted.)

You probably know Paige Hemmis. She’s the beautiful blonde on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,: the show that is guaranteed to make you cry.

Paige found in a sphere dominated by men, tools and safety equipment were designed for only one gender. She founded Tuff Chix Inc., a company dedicated to creating workwear that is both durable and fashionable (and pink. Very pink.)

In 2006, she came out with “The Tuff Chix Guide to Easy Home Improvement” to inspire other women to tackle DIY projects around the home.

As my own apartment-renter now, I’ve dusted the cover off and cracked the book open to fix a leaky faucet and a sandwich baggie drawer that falls on my feet every time I open it.

This book has a lot of great tips and words of encouragement for women who have little experience in DIY projects. Included with each project is a “Tuff Meter” (a scale 1 to 10 on the difficulty of the project,) a timer, tools you’ll need, a shopping list, the total price of the project AND an estimated cost of what you’d pay if you hire a professional.

For all those who own your own homes and won’t have a landlord yelling at you if you take a hammer to a wall, Paige walks you through every daunting home improvement project out there.

Repairing holes in drywall, sanding hardwood floors, unclogging blocked drains, installing a ceiling fan; it’s all there.

The book is less than $6 with shipping from Amazon. Her gloves and workwear are moderately priced but they fit comfortably and will have you do-it-yourselfing in style.

Happy projecting!

E.C. Pollick

I'm the Marketing Copywriter/Coordinator for MediaOnePA and York Newspaper Company. I wear pastel colored pants. I have the most adorable cat ever. I Love Downtown York. I cry when I enter large libraries. Want to chat? Contact me at

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  1. Sarah Chain says:

    This is awesome! Do you have instructions for how you put it all together? I would love to make one for my apartment… or, you know, hire you to do it :)

  2. Dave Pollick says:

    The best part is that I helped her router out a place for the inserted glass top … and she put all of her concert tickets and memorabilia under the glass! Well done daughter!

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  2. June 19, 2012

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