Moms, what apps do you use to stay organized?

Do you use apps like Intuition, left, or Cozi to help organize your family life? Let me know.

Ah, summer.

Sleeping in past 9 … hot, lazy days by the pool … kids outside running around … the smell of a neighborhood barbecue … chasing fireflies at dusk.

I love all the above in the summertime.

What I also look forward to each summer is the kids’ schedules winding down.

No more trying to keep track of this school event and that practice time. We fly low-key when the temps heat up.

But, like anything, it won’t last. School lurks around the corner (I’m counting down the week until high school football starts! It’s 10!) and the madness will begin once again.

I’m working on a story for the September/October edition of Smart about how moms use technology to organize their kids, activities, and well, life itself.

Let me know what works for your family: Is it Cozi? 2Do? Intuition? Chore Hero? Remember the Milk?

Shoot me an email, tweet at me, post on the Smart Facebook page or just leave a comment!

Lyzz Jones

I'm the editor of Wife. Mom. Towson and Millersville grad. Member of Raider Nation.

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    […] Attention moms, Lyzz Jones wants to know what apps you use to stay organized. Whether it’s Cozi? 2Do? Intuition? Chore Hero? Remember the Milk? Lyzz […]

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