Smart Health Challenge Week 16:
Trying not to fall off the wagon

Last week, Jess Reed wrote about facing the scale and an intense training session with Mindy.

This week she outlines a plan to keep herself from falling off the wagon.

Read on:

I decided that this week I would just write one big message, instead of writing a number of little ones. There really isn’t too much going on. I’m just slowly trying to work my way back up to the level I was before — I am not even close!

This week, I really want to talk about the mental journey one must go through when they decide they have had enough of being severely overweight. I have mentioned in my previous messages that I didn’t get to be the weight I am by loving myself.

I am still trying to figure out what makes me want to eat fattening food, even when I am happy with the healthy food I am eating and finding satisfying. I am slowly discovering my triggers. And, well, I have a lot of them.

Evidently, almost everything that happens triggers me to eat — looking in the mirror, for one, though I shouldn’t really find this surprising). I really thought that I was well on my way to a healthier way of living. I thought that by recognizing my triggers, I could resist them. It was a nice thought, and it worked for awhile, but this last couple of weeks have been very bad for me.

I am back to tasting and taking bites of evil things, and I am doing it a lot. I am starting to feel myself justifying all the little bites of things that I shouldn’t be eating, and I need to stop.

Mentally I am really falling out of the game, and I am trying to formulate a plan to get myself back in it. I need to recommit myself, and I need to do it now, before it gets worse. I am addicted to food, and I am falling off the wagon, head first.

So here is my plan:

  1. Start a food journal again, and write every single thing I am eating
  2. Commit to working out while at the beach next week
  3. Journal and write down my thoughts every day
  4. Sit for at least 15 minutes each day and think/do nothing (this is my attempt to center myself)

I will let you know how it is going. Cross your fingers for me.

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