Earthy and Expecting: Hi, my name is Pregnant

No, wait. My name is Stacia, and I’m pregnant.

So what, right? Lots of women are pregnant. Many are pregnant for the first time, like me. And many of them even blog about it. Some of those first-time pregnant bloggers are probably even earthy gals like me — natural, uninhibited, maybe a little bit hippie.

We are many, and we are rad.

What I want to write about is the process of pregnancy from the perspective of someone who wants to maintain an identity that’s more than just my baby bump — which, by the way, recently made its glorious week 14 debut. I’m not negative about pregnancy or motherhood in any way, but as someone who spent her 20s putting off the idea of having kids, I find myself in unfamiliar territory here.

I know who I am. I think. I’m 31, a writer, editor, poet and poetry blogger, a country girl who’s spent just enough time living in cities to remember where I really belong. Sometimes I’m a walking contradiction; I loathe violence everywhere except on the football field, for instance, and my affinity for classic rock conveniently overlooks the misogyny in some of those lyrics. I love food and the arts. I’m passionate about the outdoors and equal rights for everybody on the planet — a planet I really dig and would like to do more to protect. I accept my limitations, but I’m always looking for the alternative, better, more conscientious way of doing things.

And now I’m pregnant, too.

Now, a registry at, I might gush over just a smidge.

So how can I be my version of pregnant and not the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” gushing-over-a-Diaper-Genie version? How to spend a proportionate amount of time thinking about both the next poem I want to write and what name to cross off of “Girl Names — Shortlist” (actual name of a note on my iPhone) because I just found out a Kardashian has already used it? How can I avoid being buried by the mountains of information out there for mamas-to-be, none of which is clearly labeled Fact or Opinion?

Not sure. Yet. But that’s what I’m going to write about in the crazy coming months. Look for my Earthy and Expecting posts on Thursday afternoons.

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  1. January 31, 2013

    […] echo those sentiments, though, and will add that writing itself sustained me, as it always has. I started this column last August because I wanted to write about my pregnancy — my […]

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