Tell us: What’s the worst toy your kids have received?

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On Christmas morning the same toys that make kids shriek in delight can make their parents groan in despair.

You know the ones:

    The miniature lawn mower your 2-year-old chases the dog with that lights up, plays music and roars at volumes only matched by the distressed pooch’s angry barking.

    The craft set equipped with thousands of miniature beads that are inevitably spilled all over the kitchen floor for you to sweep up for years to come.

    The action figure with accessories sold separately that you are forced to collect and re-collect when your child inevitably loses or breaks them.

We want to know about the most-hated toys your kids have received for a Smart magazine holiday “don’t wish for this” list.

E-mail with your name, municipality and a description of your most-hated toy. Deadline is Aug. 21.

April Trotter

Editor of Smart. NEPA transplant. Penn State and Shippensburg grad. Kickball and craft beer enthusiast. Collector of cardigans. "Bennie and the Jets" fanatic. Contact me at, at "Smart magazine" on Facebook, @SmartMagPA on Twitter or by phone at 717-771-2030.

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  1. Shannon Faircloth says:

    2 Toys: A laser gone with multiple sounds, was super loud and the repeated noise made it “disappear”. And a tin of multiple sets of miniature cards that were about 1″ by 2″. They got thrown out due to always being all over the place

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