August 2012 Living with Food Allergies blog carnival

Nothing better than some one-stop shopping for your food allergy news, right? You’ve got it, right here on Smart for August. This month’s bloggers share their thoughts on allergen-friendly birthday parties for kids, eating kosher with food allergies and replacing eggs when cooking. You’ll also find some great recipes. Enjoy!

Autoimmune Gal talks about the frustration of identifying food allergies in her post “Food: Why Hath Though Forsaken Me?” Just when you think your allergies are under control, something new pops up. Figuring out the cause of reactions and going through testing and elimination diets are something we can all related to. Check out her blog posted at AutoimmuneGal.

My favorite part of Lucy Parr’s post comes right at the beginning: “I inevitably have to be that annoying mother who stays for the duration …” Raise your hand if you can relate (hands shoot into air). Most of us can’t just drop off our kids at different gatherings. Lucy gives her take on children’s birthday parties on her blog, lucysfriendlyfoods.

As if we needed more reasons to hate ticks? Check out the relation between tick bites and meat allergies on Martha Ann Spruill’s blog, Merging Paths.

I love, love quinoa. And I’m all for new ways to spiff it up. Homa’s recipe for Light Quinoa Tabouli (or Tabbouleh or Tabbouli) posted at Oh Mah Deehness! sounds great! Homa describes it as, “A light, cool summer salad that is vegan and top 8 free!” Gotta love that.

Eating kosher with food allergies? Hop on over to Tamar Warga’s blog, Kosher With Food Allergies. Warga, a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist, has 10 kids, four of whom have food allergies. She talks about managing multiple food allergies in multiples. She is author of “A Taste of Sweetness” Rosh Hashana Food Allergy E-Cookbook and “A Taste of Freedom” Passover Food Allergy Cookbook.

Eating out is a rare occurrence in our household. Colette Martin takes you through a trip to Southern California and the challenges of eating out on her Learning to Eat Allergy Free blog.

It’s tough to bake without certain foods, like eggs. Greg Field offers up the top five egg replacers over at NerdWallet. He writes, “(These are) great for anyone who cannot handle egg protein (or vegetarians). Enjoy!”

I don’t really eat Thai food, but the picture of this soup makes my mouth water. Emily @ Holistic Kid shared a recipe for Thai Coconut Chicken Soup over at Holistic Kid. She writes, “This is a great dairy-free recipe for a delicious, nutritious soup I thought your readers may enjoy.”

More from Autoimmune Gal. Did you know that coating for paper plates are often derived from corn? Well, if you have a corn allergy, that’s an issue. Read more about corn allergy in her New Food Allergy Reveal – King Corn Causes Concerns post at AutoimmuneGal.

All done with this edition, folks. Thanks for reading! Submit your blog article to the next edition of living with food allergies carnival using our carnival submission form.
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