Loganville Barn ‘just kept growing’ off I-83 Exit 10

Kelly Folkenroth, right, looks for lima beans with her uncle Royce Folkenroth, left, and her father, Howard, at the Loganville Barn (Photo by JASON PLOTKIN).

Howard Folkenroth sat in a worn cushioned chair. Wire springs popped through the upholstery of his perch inside the covered porch of the Loganville Barn.

The 76-year-old with a Santa-like beard wore a white T-shirt and blue Dickies that matched his eyes. He rested his tan, wrinkled arms on the chair and his work-boot-clad feet on the concrete floor. A teal fly swatter and an animal-themed calendar marking the month of April hung above his head.

It was August.

“We kept forgetting to turn it,” he said, with a southern York County drawl.

Time moves a little slower at the Loganville Barn, where you’ll find new and used merchandise, furniture, hardware and local produce, some of which comes from Folkenroth’s garden.

The light yellow building hugs Main Street in Loganville about a mile off of Exit 10 on Interstate 83. Inside, aisles of inventory fill the somewhat cluttered rooms — a stockpile that took years to accumulate.

Dressers, box springs, wooden sleds, a Hello Kitty sewing machine, dishware, books, lawn chairs, coolers, nuts and bolts, roller skates, ironing boards and books all have their place in the two-story building. Some rooms are more organized than others.

“It’s all in my head,” Folkenroth said about keeping track of his inventory.

His brother, Royce Folkenroth, and daughter, Kelly Folkenroth, now help him with the business.

“I used to play hide-and-seek in there,” Kelly Folkenroth said of the barn.

Kelly Folkenroth shares what it was like growing up at the Loganville Barn in the video below.

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